Course Modules

  • Module 1. Model and Scope of Care

    Explore ways to transform healthcare and how paying attention to our experience authentically and compassionately is the path to truly showing up for others.

  • Module 2. Caring for Parents

    Skillfully provide impactful support to parents, build nurturing relationships and deepen your awareness of diverse family beliefs and structures. See more clearly how you fit into the Circles of Support with family members, friends and professionals.

  • Module 3. Care of the Newborn

    Deepen your powers of perception as you learn newborn care competencies that support growth, development & trust, and empower parents.

  • Module 4. Sibling Care/Childcare Competencies

    Learn how to adapt care for the growing baby, identify developmental milestones, and how to mindfully support family adjustment in the first year.

  • Module 5. Practical Caregiving Competencies

    Learn best practices for food safety, care of pets, and maintaining a clean and hygienic home while appreciating what it means to be invited into someone’s space.

  • Module 6. Lactation

    Compassionately support breastfeeding parents through a process of changes and learning. Nourish them so that they can nourish the baby.

  • Module 7. Perinatal Mood Disorders

    You will be introduced to trauma-informed care as you connect with the core ways you can provide care to ease challenges for families in times of difficulty.

  • Module 8. Ethics, Systems and Business Models

    Transform your business using mindfulness tools, support the client journey with integrity, and learn business and marketing skills in a whole new way.

What makes a successful doula?

Research suggests it's the ability to be sensitive to your client's needs.

That's why this course is built with a mindfulness framework, to bring a compassionate, relationship-centered approach to postpartum care. It's also why our training prepares you for all types of situations you may encounter. The course covers diverse families and situations, and the entire first year of a baby's life. You won't get this from other courses, nor will you get the same level of support that our membership provides.


Membership is free for the first year and then you will be automatically charged $99 every year. Membership Benefits Include:

  • Case Reviews With Peers and Experts

  • Community Conversations Peer Support Group

  • Mentorship

  • Chicago Based Internship Opportunities

  • Lactation Warmline

  • Discounts on WisdomWay Institute Retreats, Webinars, and Courses

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Meet the Instructor

Karen Laing

Karen Laing is the originator of the WisdomWay™ method of mindful caregiving and the Founder and CEO of WisdomWay Institute. Karen has had a long career in reproductive health as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, midwife, and owner of Birthways Inc., the longest standing doula business in the U.S. She is also an accredited Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher and has been bringing mindfulness into caregiving, training, and coaching for more than 26 years.