Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to 28 Days of Tools for Mindful Caregiving

    • What to Expect

    • Benefits and Risks of the Practices

  • 2

    Let's get started!

    • Why we are here...

    • Mindfulness during our program

    • Aims and Intentions

    • How we approach our Aims and Intentions

    • What to expect over these 28 days....

    • Before We Begin...What Would You Like to Get Out of This Course?

  • 3

    Connecting with our Goodness

    • Week 1 : Connecting with our Goodness

    • Familiarizing yourself with the Triangle of Awareness

    • Setting up for the Body Scan

    • Guided Body Scan: 30 minute

    • Remembering our Loveliness

    • Radiating kindness: Understanding mirror neurons and the reverberation of self/other

    • Defining Stress

    • Stress Can Be NUTS!

    • Mapping Stress Reactions

    • Finding Ease

    • Exploring Empathic Distress

    • Defining Empathy and Compassion and Understanding Burnout

    • Relieving suffering

    • How is it going?

  • 4

    Finding Stability

    • Week 2 : Finding Stability

    • Copy of A Summer Day by Mary Oliver

    • How to sit

    • Mountain Meditation: Guided Practice

    • Stability within: The resting place we create when others need us

    • Mindful Eating

    • Just Show Up!

    • Using the Blob

    • Guided Practice - The 3 Step Breathing Space

    • Practice: 8 minute 3 Step Breathing Space (3SBS)

  • 5

    Being with Difficulty

    • Week 3 : Being with Difficulty

    • Mindfulness of Experience

    • Minding the Gap

    • What meditation is like... experiences with the mind

    • Coming Back: A walking practice

    • Porch Meditation

    • Go gently, my friend.

    • Folks gonna let you down

  • 6

    Deep Peace

    • Week 4 : Deep Peace and Lasting Confidence

    • Practice: Loving-Kindness Meditation 30 minutes

    • Helping, Fixing or Serving? Rachel Remen

    • The New Philosophy by Ann Copnell

    • Compassionate Action: A Crowd Funding Model to Change the World

    • Being who we are

    • Practices: STOP and Finding GRACE

    • Introduction to the Compass & Commitments

    • Compass Introduction: Skills and Knowledge & Compassion

    • The Compass and Commitments

  • 7

    Next Steps...

    • Maintaining connection

    • Helpful Supports

    • Caregiving Sanghas

    • Thank You For Your Feedback On Your Experience

What caregivers are saying...


Linda, caring for an adult child with disabilities

The content was amazing and deeply meaningful. It was more than I expected ...and worth every minute! I felt so affirmed and encouraged and had some sanity restored as a caregiver. It was more than I expected in a GOOD way- like buying a meal and finding out dessert is added in!

We formed a WisdomWay Caregiving group!

Participants in Minnesota

In our last meeting, we talked about how we can apply the teachings and information in real, lived experience with people we are caring for, as well as in general, how to approach the "stop-where-am-I-now" in everyday life. We love the "Blob!"

I took a Mindfulness course through WisdomWay. It was transformative! We all work in stressful environments. The course taught me how to cope with life's various stressors, with calmness and compassion for myself and for others.

Bonus material

For a limited time, these bonuses are included in your 28 day journey!

  • WisdomWay Workbook

    Your 28-Day WisdomWay Journal will give you lasting inspiration, filled with exercises and writing prompts, guided practices and tools for everyday mindfulness.

  • Meditation Downloads

    You'll get a collection of mindfulness meditation downloads, including: - Body Scan - Mountain Meditation - 5 Minute Mindfulness Practices - Being with life - Porch Meditation - Walking Meditation - Loving Kindness ... and a guided practice for working with difficulties in relationships

  • Connection & Support

    You will be invited to our online Caregiver Support calls, as well as additional opportunities to be connect with others.

Your Instructor

For a limited time, you'll be able to work in person with Karen at no extra charge.

CEO & Founder of WisdomWay Institute

Karen Laing

Karen Laing is the originator of the WisdomWay™ method of mindful caregiving and the Founder and CEO of WisdomWay Institute. Karen is an accredited Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher and has been bringing mindfulness into caregiving, training and coaching for more than 26 years. She has developed 40 Second Compassion Initiatives, the Cup of Kindness Toolkits and numerous programs, tools and publications to support compassionate culture shifts within health care. Her 6 Qualities of Embodied Mindfulness framework forms the foundation to build equitable, safe, and compassionate care aligned with Trauma-Informed Care, Equity and Relationship Centered approaches. With a decades long career in reproductive health, as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and experience as a midwife, she has been interested in the ways that a quality of presence and commitment to shared decision-making can be cultivated across disciplines. A member of the Society for Participatory medicine and a long-time patient advocate, Karen's mission to further health care quality initiatives are built on creating compassionate cultures that address burnout and caregiver/provider stress. Karen believes there is no reason to leave anyone out, and that we each have a basic goodness and desire to be in caring relationships with one another and that the skills of awareness and self-compassion, when tended, make us more resilient and effective in showing up for others. In her view, both care-giver and care-receiver hold the potential for healing and transformation when given these opportunities. Karen and her family live in Madison, Wisconsin.