Find Your Wisdom

WisdomWay Institute supports your journey.

WisdomWay Institute was founded to improve healthcare and to support the ways that we care for each other.  We know that caring relationships impact outcomes and that Circles of Care are built with our closest loved ones, health supports and enlisted services, and healthcare professionals of various disciplines. 

WisdomWay Institute has three programs:

Mindful Reproductive Health

Mindful Family Caregivers

Healthcare Providers & Teams

If you're a nurse and a family caregiver, you might want to explore programs for professional development but also might consider our mindful family caregiving programs.   Health administrators looking to fill gaps in care might explore the WisdomWay doula training that we offer, to implement collaborative wrap-around services, while planning a Learning Retreat for their team and implementing our 40 second Compassion Initiatives that include front end staff. 

Whatever our 'title' or role or level of skills and knowledge, each of us are able to contribute by cultivating the qualities needed in caring relationships. 

We need each other.  

WisdomWay helps us to show up in caring ways so that whether we are giving, or receiving, or both on the same day, we can do so with awareness, compassion, dignity and the quality of presence that supports trust and connection. 

Let's build a kinder world, together.